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Our Flagship Innovation

MPost is an innovative product that allows you to enjoy Postal Services at home, in the office, or on the go at your convenience through your mobile phone – Posta Mkononi.

What is MPost?

MPost means Mobile Post office. It enables any mobile phone user to have his or her phone act like a mobile post office. It allows you to make your mobile number be a formal postal address. With it, you get access to Postal Services through your mobile phone.

Through a configuration of exclusive partnerships with national postal services around the world, users can register themselves with Mpost to send, receive mails and parcels.

In addition to the mail services, MPost also enables users to pay for goods and services and to send, receive monies via e-banking services.

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How MPost works

Once a user registers for the service, they choose the most convenient post office (out of the 622 Post offices across Kenya) where they can receive their letters/documents/parcels. Once a letter/parcel is received by the PCK, an SMS will be sent to the user, notifying them that they have received mail (letters/documents/parcels).

The user then has a choice of walking to the post office to collect the documents or ask that Posta delivers them to their house/office/different location at an extra fees. This service costs KES 300 per year.

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